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“Steve was not only my career counselor at Accenture, but he was also an advisor on a project I worked on. As an advisor I found Steve’s expertise in CRM to be critical to the success of our project, he helped us create a framework that drove the project and advised us along the way to help shape the final deliverables. Steve was a very enjoyable person to work with, he provided leadership, experience and advice that was invaluable to helping me make career decisions.”

“Steve is a multi-faceted professional that possesses unique abilities not ordinarily found in a single individual. He has demonstrated his strategic and technological prowess countless times throughout his career but perhaps what is most outstanding is his willingness to mentor and educate junior-level employees. His personable demeanor and visionary approach provide of wealth of educational opportunities and inspiration for his team members. My experiences working with him have given me career insight that might have taken months if not years to learn on my own. I recommend him not only as a leader but as an individual that can build successful and meaningful relationships with clients and employees alike.”

“I have known Steve in multiple capacities for more than two decades; first as a client then friend, then colleague and later as his employer. Steve possesses one of the sharpest, most versatile minds I’ve ever shared thoughts with. Steve’s Ivy pedigree is broadly padded with an uncommon analytical versatility. He is ingenious in a tactical sense but his finest gift is an empowering strategic and financial prowess. Steve’s ability to blend economic reality with market vision is of the highest-caliber. Steve is intimately versed in the continuous improvement paradigm and the cost of poor quality on global market share. Steve possesses a multi-faceted understanding of product position methodology, sales process optimization, partnership leverage and capitalization, and campaign logistics and execution control. With his talents summed and duly applied it is entirely reasonable to equate enhanced shareholder value with Steve’s executive presence. This is what level-one executive’s do…they make wealth for those with faith in the best and the brightest.”

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