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The Help You Need To Advance

Have you recently been downsized? Want to re-enter the workforce after a long  period away? Tired of getting passed over for promotions, or not getting positions you interview for? Sick of the corporate world, want to start and run your own successful business?


Career transitions are a normal part of any career. I have been displaced several times due to economic and structural conditions and have landed my dream positions (that were better than what I was displaced from) following each and every one.  We know first hand how hard and stressful changes can be.  We will be your ally during a period of planned or unplanned change in your life.

Planning & Management

Are you experiencing difficulties in your job? Do you want to position yourself for a promotion, develop new skills or simply stay marketable in the changing workplace?
We have helped hundreds of professionals with these same questions, and many more, with our career management service. Want to plan for your departure from corporate life and transition to running your own business?

Career Searches, Management and Transition Services

Offering solutions for both short and long term support, pick and choose the services you need to fit your individual situation.

Get Up and Go!

Are you ready to take control of your career?  We would love to learn about your individual needs and find you the career of your dreams. It all starts with reaching out for a free consultation.

“Steve was not only my career counselor at Accenture, but he was also an advisor on a project I worked on. As an advisor I found Steve’s expertise in CRM to be critical to the success of our project, he helped us create a frame14work that drove the project and advised us along the way to help shape the final deliverables. Steve was a very enjoyable person to work with, he provided leadership, experience and advice that was invaluable to helping me make career decisions.”

A Track Record You Can Trust

We know how to help because we have been there ourselves.  Our team has worked for, and worked with some of the world’s most recognizable names. See for yourself.


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