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We Create Brand Fanatics

We Help You Deliver Legendary Customer Experience & Marketing that Translates Directly into Dramatic Increases in Sales, Market Share & Competitive Advantage.

Through the development of a cult-like customer following and viral referral brand advocates, we help you turn customer service into an enormous competitive advantage where sales and marketing budgets become obsolete.

Are You Legendary to Your Customers?

Our methodology will help you develop & implement repeatable and world-class strategies, processes, systems and standards that will facilitate legendary customer service consisting of the following metrics:

If not, you haven’t achieved legendary customer service and that’s what we have helped many companies achieve and will help you achieve. We don’t just help you improve, we help develop customer service that translates into you huge market competitive advantage with your company leapfrogging the competition to becoming the #1 market leader that customers will rave about and viraly refer many other customers.

“Steve is a CRM expert and very experienced in customer strategy development for a variety of clients. As a consultant he was always focused on delivering value to his clients and forged strong relationships that allowed him to build lasting value for PwC. A great consultant and great team player.”

-David Harberson
Senior Executive, Bank of the West

We Work With Legends

We helped create legends with some of the worlds most recognizable brands. Imagine what we can do for you.

Join Us

We have successfully started, implemented, and managed Legendary CX programs for small, mid-sized and large businesses. We know what it takes to envision and plan programs that drive amazing adoption and brand loyalty. Contact us today and get begin your legendary path.

“During the time Steve & I worked together, I found him to be enthusiastic, dedicated and innovative – consistently thinking of the new and different ways to improve our team’s effectiveness.”

A Track Record You Can Trust

We know how to help because we have been there ourselves.  Our team has worked for, and worked with some of the world’s most recognizable names. See for yourself.

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